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Gender Based Violence Initiatives

Umoja Now’s commitment to ending gender-based and other forms of violence is rooted in its innovative UMOVE program.  UMOVE stands for Uniting Men to Oppose Violence.  The program creates positive spaces for men (and boys) to learn, understand, and act toward ending gender-based violence and discrimination.  As a primary tool for its programming,Umoja Now incorporates the articles, recommendations, and guidelines of the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), a treaty ratified by 187 countries, including Burundi. (See, for more on how this Convention encapsulates the aspirations toward eliminating GBV.)

UMOVE implements trainings for men and boys that raise awareness and change attitudes that lead to discrimination, gender inequality, and gender-based violence.  UMOVE participants gain understanding regarding gender-based violence and discrimination, then move on to create campaigns within their communities, and eventually take over as trainers and facilitators within the program.  For its part, Umoja Now provides ongoing trainings and materials to ensure the sustainability, effectiveness, and continuity of efforts in this and other programs.

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By incorporating CEDAW into UMOVE’s  programming, Umoja Now  bridges the gender gap and encourages partnerships between women and men to end gender-based violence and discrimination in all sectors of society.  Together, we can all move toward a future free of gender-based and other forms of violence and discrimination.

For more information about the engaging men and boys movement, and for more about the personal story of our Executive Director, Pascal, watch the documentary, “A Way to Justice,” produced by Sonke Gender Justice.